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Meet Chris


Chris is a national political consultant with the proven ability to recognize strategic opportunities and fully capitalize on them with successful execution. For more than twenty years, Chris has pursued political and policy objectives that originate at the state level but quickly become national in scope and impact. This unusual path shapes his view of American politics today and benefits clients who seek something different in a political consultant. Here are just two strategic successes that Chris achieved along the way:



In the late 1990s Chris was instrumental in the formation and growth of the Republicans Attorneys General Association, seeing the emerging role that state attorneys general were playing on national issues. Building on that success, Chris was a driving force in the founding of the Republican State Leadership Committee in 2002. Both of these early successes laid the foundation for REDMAP in 2010 and the nation’s first majority of Republican Attorneys General by 2014. 


In 2010, Chris served as the Executive Director of the REDMAP Project at the Republican State Leadership Committee. Chris directed over $20 million in expenditures in a strategic effort to win Republican control of state legislatures immediately prior to the decennial redrawing of Congressional district lines. Under Chris’s leadership, REDMAP resulted in the Republican pick-up of twenty legislative chambers and a net gain in over 700 state legislative seats- setting a record for any political party in U.S. history. REDMAP is widely credited with providing a strategic advantage in the 2012 Congressional elections and subsequent cycles.



In 2016, Chris served as a consultant to the Judicial Crisis Network’s successful multimillion-dollar campaign, engaging conservatives to urge Senate Republicans to let the 2016 presidential election decide who should appoint the next Supreme Court Justice. At that time, a vacancy existed due to Justice Scalia’s sudden passing. The Senate did not act on the nomination of Merrick Garland. Chris later served as a consultant advising the campaign to build public support for the successful confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court in 2017. Together these two efforts prevented Democrats from creating, in the words of the New York Times, “the most liberal majority in 50 years on the Supreme Court.”


Then in 2018, Jankowski was a lead consultant to the outside issue campaign that pressured incumbent “Red State” Democratic Senators to support the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh and rallied national public support for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation in what was one of the most bitter confirmation fights ever seen. These unprecedented efforts, with almost $30 million spent, helped create a new majority on the Court.



Chris Jankowski

Curriculum vitae


Managing Principal, Loxodrome Consulting, Inc. 2019- present Park City UT


President, Republican State Leadership Committee, 2011-2014, Washington, DC


Executive Director, REDMAP Project, 2010, Washington, DC


Managing Principal, Rhumb Line, LLC 2003-2018, Richmond, VA


Director, State Political Affairs, American Council of Life Insurers, 1998-2002, Washington DC


Assistant Attorney General, State of South Carolina, 1996-1997, Columbia, SC


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“If the Democrats could wave a magic wand and undo the political work of one person over the last five years, it would be the REDMAP guy, right?” -Rachel Maddow, March 2nd, 2015

Chris earned a B.A. in Political Science at the College of Charleston, where he was also the recipient of the Bishop Robert Smith Award for the Class of 1993, awarded based on leadership and contributions made to the College during his time there. Early in his career Chris pursued his competing passions for law, state public policy, and politics, with politics winning out after a brief career as an attorney. Chris worked as field staff for campaigns in 1994, while compiling an unremarkable academic record in law school. In 1996, Chris earned his law degree from the University of South Carolina and went on to serve as an Assistant Attorney General. In 1998 Chris came to the realization that there were many better lawyers in the world, but few political operatives who believed you could impact the entire country one state at a time. 


If you are ready for a different approach, talk with Chris.

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