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STACK THE DECK in your favor with the RIGHT strategy and experience.

While countless organizations, interest groups and companies expend vast resources in an attempt to impact Federal policymakers and elected officials, shifts in policy and law actually occur initially and more swiftly at the state government level.


Chris Jankowski recognized this trend in the 1990s and has spent decades achieving successes based on this pioneering view of American politics.




In a way, Chris started at the top and worked his way down in state politics. His early work included raising millions of dollars for state legal reform initiatives, directing record breaking independent expenditures in down ballot statewide races, and guiding the formation of the Republican Attorneys General Association and the Republican State Leadership Committee. Chris then "worked his way down" to consulting on individual campaigns for state legislative office where he found the best in American politics, along with what were often the early signs of shift in voter sentiment. Some of these candidates went on to be elected Attorney General, Governor, or serve in Congress. Some of them may still do that someday.  If you are running for office, there are really only two questions when hiring someone to help guide your campaign: Do you want a consultant who wants to hear your story and not how much money you can raise? Do you want a campaign consultant who tells your story, instead of the poll tested, focus grouped, dribble drabble, that most American voters tuned out years ago?

Chris Jankowski has never shied away from the tough policy fights that breakout across state capitals. Because state governments are prone to action and those actions can have immediate impact, more and more issue groups and organizations from the left and the right are engaging at the state level- while Washington continues to drift. Every state has a different culture and policy environment, but experience also shows some common elements of successful issue campaigns across a multitude of states. If you want your cause to succeed you have to be willing to win the debate and you should have someone who has been there before to help you- in any state capital or every state capital.



State government can not only put a company's growth at risk, but it can also keep it from even getting off the ground in the first place. Regardless of the circumstances, many companies find themselves impacted by state governments and they often learn that if they are not "at the table, then they might be on the menu." Your company needs a national strategy for state government that places you at the table when necessary, but always off the menu.





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